About me

Hello, I’m Ann!

Full time mommy to 2 little ones in colorful Colorado; part time therapist in the hospital. I’m here to combine my love of motherhood and the outdoors – and to share it with you all.

I’m always open to trying new things, whether it’s a new recipe, a new shop, or just a new path to walk down. I also wanted to find a way to spend more quality time with my family, which led to the start of blogging. Not able to quit my day job, I’m here to learn and grow from this experience… and most of all, to have fun!


A little about me…

I eat peanut butter every day.

I’m horrible at estimating. Anything.

I love the beach.

I’m a mutt.

Life without ice cream is not a life I want to live.

I really want to ride in a hot air balloon.

I highly value manners.

Making lists makes me happy.


I can’t wait to meet you!