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I wanted to write a quick reminder for all the new mamas out there, or maybe just a reminder to any mama who’s busy with other deadlines and checking off their to-do lists… which is pretty much E V E R Y O N E. My to-do list is constantly being added to and always growing. But, this year I made a mental note that I actually remembered! (it’s the little things!) So make sure to add this to YOUR radar: family Christmas pictures!

Last year was my first year as a mama, so it was baby’s first Christmas. While it may be a little over-hyped, I didn’t realize that a little preparation can go a long way! I’m pretty active on Pinterest (check out my Christmas Baby board for adorable ideas), but didn’t put together how early I needed to start some of these things in order to get pictures out by the end of the year, let alone by Christmas!

I think I started sometime beginning-mid December, and honestly, time just flew by! We found ourselves at the end of December with a couple blurry and dark photos, with cluttered backgrounds, or without that perfect “pose”. Maybe I’m a little too picky? Anyway, we decided to give up on the whole thing. We would have had a better chance at Christmas in July at that rate!

So, right now is the time. It’s the middle of November, which, for all of you Thanksgiving lovers, I’m not saying skip the wonderful holiday that often gets over looked by crazy Christmas-ers (I place myself in both categories, what’s not to love about family, food, and a time to look back on the amazing things in our lives?). But, if you want that perfect picture with baby in his or her holiday themed outfit, in front of the Christmas tree or in your arms for an outdoor family photo shoot, last minute plans don’t always pan out.

It’s no surprise that we’re all over-booked with work, kids, errands, appointments, and whatever else life decides to throw our way. But now is the time. Take some time to browse outfits and allow time for shipping, or maybe you’re going the homemade route? That takes time, too. Scan Pinterest for some holiday crafts and check out hobby lobby or target for the décor and supplies. Schedule a day that works for everyone’s schedule for pictures, and remember, you may need more than one “photo shoot” to get all the photos you want. Maybe the weather is rainy on your planned day into the mountains, or maybe it’s super sunny and too warm for your daughter’s heavy holiday-themed jacket. Or maybe your kids are just kids, and the pictures don’t turn out like you wanted them to. Yea, this is an everyday struggle for me.

No matter what your plans are, take time to plan for holiday photos, which are fun to look back on, no matter how cliché. And honestly, if not for your family, then I’m sure your extended family and relatives will love them!! Happy Holidays!

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