75 Foods Your Toddler Can Eat Without Teeth

Ideas of food your baby or toddler can eat, without needing teeth

As the mom to a stubborn child in multiple respects (which I absolutely love her for!), it has been a learning curve to find foods that she not only can eat, but also foods that she wants to eat. She is now over a year old and still has no teeth! While we are patiently waiting for a tooth to push through, I’ve compiled a list of all the snacks and food we’ve tried, in hopes that it may help you and others!

(All foods for babies and toddlers should be cut to the appropriate size, and cooked until soft if needed)
Take your pick, based on your child’s dietary restrictions and preferences from the list below!

Be sure to remove large pits and seeds, peel the skin, and cut into easy to hold slices or cubes. 
1. Raspberries – I give her the squishy ones and she devours them whole
2. Blueberries (cut in half or quartered, based on size)
3. Blackberries (quartered)
4. Strawberries (sliced and cut in half)
5. Grapes (quartered)
6. Kiwi
7. Plums
8. Apricots
9. Peaches
10. Grapefruit
11. Mango
12. Pineapple
13. Pears
14. Mandarin oranges – we buy the fruit cups and they’re soft enough for her to eat whole slices.

For #9-14, we have bought both fresh and the respective fruit cup packs, which make it super quick to put together when baby is HANGRY.

15. Applesauce – pouches make it an easy on-the-go snack!
16. Cherries
17. Papaya
18. Bananas – sliced and halved; we like to add a dab of peanut butter on top,
sometimes she’ll just pull off the peanut butter and eat that instead of the banana!
19. Watermelon
20. Cantaloupe – not as squishy, so we made sure to cut into very small pieces, and she was able to mash them down with her gums.
21. Honeydew – as with cantaloupe, buy very ripe to make it as soft as possible.
22. Tomatoes
23. Avocado – her FAVORITE! Full of the wonderful heart-healthy monounsaturated fats – the good kind of fat!
24. Olives (pitted and sliced)

For an easy way to introduce foods your child may be resistant to eating, try blending it up into a smoothie with other fruits and veggies your child does like. Mix with milk or yogurt as needed.

Most, if not all vegetables need to be cooked until soft and tender, and prepared into edible pieces.
25. Pickles – she actually loves to suck on a chunk (under supervision), but we’ve cut it up into pieces for her as well.
26. Peas
27. Carrots – we prefer the cans for cost and ease, but have also bought baby and whole carrots, steamed, and cut.
28. Potatoes – again prefer the can but fresh is always available.
29. Sweet potatoes (baked and cubed, or mashed)
30. Squash – all the different kinds! Butternut is probably the easiest to cut in my opinion, with great taste.
31. Pumpkin – add a little cinnamon!
32. Eggplant
33. Zucchini
34. Green beans
35. Beets
36. Mushrooms
37. Spinach – cooked until wilted, and chopped.
38. Broccoli
39. Cauliflower – these two are best steamed, easy to pull apart. Don’t forget to add some seasoning!

40. Corn
41. Quinoa
42. Couscous
43. Cheerios – we stuck to plain cheerios but if you’re looking for something new, try honey nut for toddlers (no honey for babies under 1), or chocolate, peanut butter, etc.
44. Puffs/stars
45. Goldfish – these were fine for my friend’s kid, but our little one coughed these up a few times so we started biting the tail off 🙂
46. Bars – we like the size and ingredients of Ella nibbly bars.
47. Rice
48. Rice pudding
49. Oatmeal
50. Pancakes
51. French toast
52. Pasta – some are easier to eat than others, we like rotini cut in half.


If you’re baby has an intolerance to dairy products, I have heard good things about Daiya (which is also soy free). But I’m sure there are more options out there!
53. Yogurt/yogurt bites – homemade are easy to make, or there are plenty of store-bought options in the baby section.
54. Cottage cheese (we prefer the 4% milkfat)
55. Cheese – we initially broke off pieces of string cheese, now we give her half at a time and she’ll gum off a small piece herself. Try new cheeses! Fresh mozzarella, swiss, [white] cheddar, provolone, muenster, gouda…
56. Eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled)


57. Peanut butter – added to banana, yogurt, bread… but she tends to eat the peanut butter plain! I try to limit the
 amount at once since it’s so sticky and she doesn’t wash it down with anything. Also try almond, cashew, macadamia nut butters, but expect to pay more. Sunflower butter is a great option for nut allergic or sensitive babes!
58. Beans – canned saves a lot of time, I choose the no salt and rinse them as well. Try black, red, pinto, refried, kidney, navy beans… the list goes on!
59. Chickpeas/garbanzo beans
60. Lentils
61. Tofu
62. Turkey
63. Chicken
64. Chicken/turkey sticks (jars located in the baby aisle)
65. Nuggets – make your own or buy store bought; also try veggie nuggets.
66. Ham – cubes work great for finger foods and adding to eggs.
67. Meatballs – so many variations to try!
68. Fish – I love feeding her salmon for the omega-3; I personally prefer fish that aren’t bottom feeders, but it’s really you and your baby’s preference!


Give them the meals you eat! Some of our favorites include:
69. Mac-n-cheese – we add peas, carrots, or ham to make it a little more nutritious!
70. Lasagna
71. Ravioli
72. Soup – chicken and stars, butternut squash, tomato & basil
73. Chili
74. Quesadilla
75. Burrito/enchilada – without too much sauce, or very mild


What foods do your kids like to eat? Leave a comment below to share!

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