The secret to losing baby weight

Have you been trying for months and can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds of baby weight? I’m here to share this one easy tip than can change your weight loss habits, when all the dieting in the world doesn’t work.

I was told from the start that I didn’t even look like I just had a baby. Even now, when I meet someone new and they find out I have a kid they’re completely shocked. Using a simple piece of advice, incorporated into your everyday life is what can make the biggest difference.

We all know it can be hard to lose that baby weight. When you are busy keeping baby happy and healthy, trying to remember work deadlines, while maintaining some sort of social life with your friends, exercise becomes a foreign word. And yet, it’s a common complaint/worry/wish for newer AND older mothers.

So what’s the secret?

Believe in the power of small.

Small things add up. Just like how each bite of cake can add up in calories, so can the small things you do throughout the day to burn those same calories. Changing just a few things in your day is key, and with consistency they will become habit. With that being said, doing 10 sit-ups a day for 3 days is not going to be the answer to you losing those unwanted last 10 lbs of belly fat. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way (I wish it did). It DOES take a little bit of hard work. But adding in just a few minor changes or additions to your day, daily, CAN make all the difference.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to add in “exercise” throughout the day, no equipment needed!

1. Park in the farthest parking spot. (Added bonus: no worries about scratches or door dings!)

2. Take the stairs. Even a flight or two a day can add up over the course of a week. Think about at home, work, at your appointments, etc.

3. Play with your kids. Whether they’re 12 and ready to play a game of ball, 4 and want to have a dance party, or 10 months old and crawling around, do what they’re doing. There’s a reason kids need so much fat and calories in their diet!

4. Laundry squats. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of coming up with this one myself. When folding the laundry, perform a squat with each piece of clothing you pull out to fold. Trust me when I say… this one adds up. (Have a baby? Strap him on for an extra 10-20 lbs of resistance!)

5. Pushups. Just start with 10 a day. If you’re a morning person, try it first thing when you wake up; if you’re a night owl, try it before going to bed. It will literally take you one whole minute. You can add to it or change it up, but you have to start somewhere.

6. Butt squeezes. These are one of the most incredibly versatile exercises that you can perform whenever, wherever. Also known in the “exercise” world as glut(eal) squeezes, because it tones your gluteal muscles AKA butt muscles. Try it while sitting at a red light. Hold for 3 seconds, then relax. Work up to longer holds.

7. Want to change it up? Try kegels, similar in location and also one you can do in any position. My pelvic floor specialist friends would be happy for this addition, because there are SO many moms who would benefit from kegel exercises. The common phrases are to ‘stop the flow of pee’, to ‘suck in your tummy like you’re zipping up pants that are too tight’, or to ‘tighten your stomach like you’re about to be punched’. Again, hold for 3 seconds, relax, and repeat.

8. Heel raises. These are a great bang-for-your-buck move that you will probably feel after 10-20 reps. (Unless you are a ballet dance or walk in the sand all day. But then again, this post is not meant for those types of people) Try it while standing at the sink doing the dishes.

These are just a few to start you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, one small repetition at a time.

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